I am currently a full-time teaching fellow at UCL Department of Science Technology Studies. I mainly teach topics on history and philosophy of science as well as philosophy of medicine. As a teaching fellow my duties involve the delivery of taught undergraduate and master’s modules, supervise undergraduate dissertations, and undertake related academic support duties. In 2017/18 I am teaching the following modules:

  • HPSCGA39 Special Topic in History and Philosophy of Science
  • HPSC3038 Philosophy of Medicine
  • HPSC2029 Medicine and Society
  • HPSC2003 Topics in Philosophy of Science

I have been teaching in the UCL Department of Science and Technology Studies since 2013. During this time I have contributed to a variety of courses in different levels. I believe my teaching style is positive and engaging and is aimed at encouraging students to approach course content with an intellectual vigour, a critical point of view and to have them participate in debates in a constructive way. 

Post Graduate Teaching Assitant:

  • Applied Medicine and Society
  •  Science and Ethics
  •  Philosophy of Science
  • Special Topics in HPS: Applied Medicine and Society
  •  Revealing Science
  •  Policy Issues in Life Sciences

My duties as a postgraduate teaching assistant entailed designing and conducting seminars, marking assignments and exam papers, and providing support and guidance during office hours.