I am currently a Teaching Fellow at UCL Department of Science and Technology Studies. In this website, you can find more information about my academic research and teaching. You can also find more about my education, past lab based work experiences and outreach projects. 

In my research, I demonstrate diversity by combining History and Philosophy of Science and Science and Technology Studies approaches to understand how scientific practices are organised to achieve particular aims. Furthermore, I provide an in-depth analysis of the current philosophical literature on epistemic pluralism and provide an epistemic thesis on how scientific accounts of the world must be understood with respect to the broader context in which they are developed. 

I am currently employed as a full time teaching fellow by UCL Department of Science and Technology Studies. I have been teaching in this department since 2013. During this time I have contributed to a variety of courses in different levels. I believe my teaching style is positive and engaging and is aimed at encouraging students to approach course content with an intellectual vigour, a critical point of view and to have them participate in debates in a constructive way.