I am currently a Ph.D. candidate at UCL Department of Science and Technology Studies. I am mostly interested in the epistemic issues in the Philosophy of Science and Medicine. My current research pluralism debate, particularly the normativity question: what are the benefits of pluralism in scientific practices in terms of aims and values in science. In my Ph.D. dissertation, I investigate how the socio-economic and political context of diseases shapes the aims and values operating in scientific practices, allowing me to further articulate the pluralist position. My research is in line with the Philosophy of Science in Practice literature, with strong influences from Social Epistemology and Philosophy of Science Policy. 

Before joining UCL STS, I completed an MSc in Science Technology Medicine and Society at Imperial College London and a BSc (Hons) in Biological Chemistry and Drug Discovery at University of Dundee. 

In this website, you can find more information about my academic research and my teaching experiences. You can also find more about my education, past lab based work experiences and outreach projects.